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lfalkner started this conversation

hello my name is lucille falkner and i would like to know where can i get some help for my bills and my rent. i am not working right now due to some car accidents that i have been in and i really do need the help for my family
so please help me out
thank you
lucille falkner

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What's the matter - drug sales not what they used to be??

 From online news archive:

"A deer crashed through an apartment window in Racine Monday morning giving a family and its dog a startling wake up call. The deer took a flying leap and crashed through the window of an apartment on Jacato Drive while Lucille Falkner and her husband Jerry slept inside."

From the Journal Times Online:

"RACINE — A man renting two apartments in the same building, running a drug sales operation from one of them, faces criminal charges, according to court records.

"Jerry L. Falkner, 26, 2800 Jacato Drive No. 31, Racine, is charged with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, possession of cocaine and two counts of felony bail jumping. If convicted, he could face up to $40,000 in fines and 29 1/2 years imprisonment.

"According to the criminal complaint:

"Police executed a search warrant at Falkner’s apartment building on Nov. 6. They searched two apartments, Nos. 31 and 13, both of which were rented by Falkner.

"Police conducted the search after receiving information that Falkner was selling marijuana and crack out of apartment 13 while living in apartment 31.

"In apartment 13 police forced open a locked safe, where they found a large amount of marijuana, plus several forms of identification and a rent receipt for Falkner’s other apartment."

Jerry and Lucille Falkner's MySpace page, showing an annual income of $30,000 to $45,000:


So, these folks can (1) make $30,000 to $40,000 a year, (2) rent two apartments at the same time, (3) have a computer and Internet access, and (4) poison the community by buying and selling drugs, but they can't afford the basic necessities of life?


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You are a scam artist.  I attached a list of sites at the bottom of this message that should be very familiar.  You are  also on sex sites on yahoo, myspace, other secret Santa, angel, and financial sites.  Seems pretty funny you cannot go out to work because of a back injury, but you can solicit sex online.  You also state on some sites you have 2 children, others you have 4.  This is not fair to the rest of us looking for help that do not get it, but someone like you can get help from numerous web sites. Just google your name.  You also go by the name Ann Falkner on various web sites.  Maybe your car accidents were fraud also, crashing into people on purpose for insurance money. Maybe I will call the Wisconsin Insurance Division and have a investigation launched. Also I can imagine with the sex sites you are more into looking for sex than taking care of your children.  Maybe child protective services need to be involved.  You graduated in 1998, but you have been applying for SSI since 1997.  Wow, you just do not want to support yourself.  You hve already been taken off a number of groups including helping hands where you had a woman sending you clothes.  Knock this crap off, get a job and stop using the system.
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Hello, I hope the links below help you in your search. The first link is to my member page. The 7 links listed below my member page are to aid page members who have spent a lot of time researching information from the net and compiling it there for the benefit of others. Good Luck and God Bless you and your family. m/
http://us-federal-government-a eral-government-aid/

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